Hi! I'm Caitlin Cantor. I'm an Individual, Couples & AASECT Certified Sex Therapist. I'm so happy you're here!

Caitlin's Couch is a membership program that teaches you the relationship skills and tools you need to cultivate the joyful, deeply connected relationship and sex life you long for. 

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Caitlin’s Couch is a membership program for women who are ready to do the inner healing work and learn vital relationship skills so that they can feel fulfilled, joyful, deeply loved, and in love. 


If you’re afraid your relationship won’t get better…

If you’re in a good relationship, but you’re craving more...

If you’re worried that your struggles mean you shouldn't be together... 

If you’re wondering how you and your partner got to where you are…

You just haven’t been given the tools to transform yourself, your relationship, and your sex life. YET.

Nobody’s born knowing how to have a healthy, fulfilling relationship. 


And in our society, we’re not taught how to. Plus we’re definitely not taught how to talk about sex, and we grow up receiving mixed messages around sex and sexuality that keep us from the intimacy we crave. 


So, why do we assume we’re supposed to already know how to create a relationship that feels loving, safe, and supportive? 

That's what Caitlin's Couch is all about.

The Caitlin's Couch Podcast.


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