It’s Time to Feel Deeply Loved and In Love in Your Relationship

...Oh, and Have a Satisfyingly Sexy Sex Life

What if you could...

✓ Have more connection and closeness with your partner?
✓ Set boundaries and speak up…then feel heard?
✓ Ask for what you REALLY want in bed…then feel good about it instead of guilty?
✓ Feel like you’re in a true partnership?

Is this familiar?

You crave a supportive partnership where you feel safe and loved, meet each other’s needs, feel satisfied in your sex life, and grow together. 


Yet, somehow the same effort you apply to your career and self-development doesn’t work on your relationship. 


It’s frustrating when you tell your partner something and it feels like they’re just not getting it. ‘I asked my partner to put the dishes in the dishwasher. It's right there! Why can't they just do it?’


And sex... Shouldn't sex be easy? Shouldn't you just want to tear each other's clothes off all the time?

Image by Everton Vila

How do you tell your partner any of this without it becoming a fight?

You avoid conversations because you worry they won’t go well. And you feel scared to ask for things you want or share how you really feel because you don’t want to seem needy or too emotional.


You wouldn’t blame your partner for not loving you as much if you were always saying “no” or disagreeing with them.


So you stuff it down. 

And resentment builds up quietly inside until you blow up about a silly dish in the sink.

(Which, of course, you beat yourself up about.)

You just haven’t received the tools to transform yourself, your relationship, and your sex life.


Caitlin’s Couch is a supportive, safe space for women who are ready to do the inner healing and learn vital relationship skills so that they can feel fulfilled, joyful, deeply loved, and in love


Oh, and have a sex life that’s fun, easy going, and where you and your partner don’t take yourselves too that you feel safe, seen, and valued in.

Inside Caitlin’s Couch, you'll feel supported to show up more authentically and communicate more effectively so you can get your needs met without guilt.

You’ll learn things you didn’t know you didn’t know but which make all the difference.

What’s Possible When You Do This Work? 


✓ Feel seen, heard, and deeply connected to your partner. 

✓ Say what you need in a way that invites kindness in return. 

✓ Trust you will be loved even if you have a different opinion. 

✓ Navigate those differences in a way that actually brings you closer to your partner.

✓ Feel stronger in loving yourself and believing in your worth.

✓ Take care of yourself as much as you take care of your partner. 

✓ Feel safe and empowered to have a voice in your sex life. 

✓ Cultivate relationships that feel safe, connected, loving, and intimate -- not just with your partner but also with close friends and family members.


Caitlin’s Couch Is For You If...

✓ You are in a committed partnership that is safe from physical and emotional abuse and harm.

✓ You’re in an okay relationship, but you’re craving more and are afraid your relationship won’t get better or worried that your struggles mean you shouldn't be together.

✓ You’re ready to show up in your relationship in more skillful and healthy ways. 

✓ You’re open to undoing negative messages you received as a child so you can be the most empowered and authentic version of yourself.

Who Caitlin’s Couch Is NOT For...

X  Those who don't want to take ownership of their part in the relationship.

 Those who’d rather place blame on others than look inward at how they’re co-creating their dynamic.

 Those who aren’t open to working on themselves or learning, being wrong, and growing.

In Caitlin’s Couch, You’ll Learn How To:

✓ Communicate in ways that tell your partner what’s going on but don’t push them away. 

✓ Get out of your own way, so that you make space for your partner to come CLOSER to you. 

✓ Show up and expect that your needs will be met because you deserve it and your partner wants to meet them. 

✓ Feel safe, connected, and closer to your partner, and be equipped to handle life challenges together. 

✓ Share what you want, like, and don’t like in (and out) of bed. 

✓ Slow down, take care of your body, and RECEIVE pleasure. 

✓ See your experience of sexual desire and arousal, as well as the things you need in order to cum, as NORMAL. 

✓ Have hard conversations without them ending in an explosive argument or being even more hurt.


What’s Inside Caitlin’s Couch

Monthly Group Coaching Call (Optional)

Once a month, I’ll lead a live 1-hour Q & A session where you can ask me your most pressing sex and relationship questions and get personalized support with your unique situation. Or, you can witness other members be coached. That's why groups are so powerful--we learn SO much from watching others do their work! When one person works, we all work. 


Master One Relationship Skill At A Time

Each month, we’ll focus on learning one specific relationship skill. You'll get plenty of tools, easy-to-apply training, and direct support so that you have space to implement it directly in your relationship. This is the best way to make a real impact, without feeling overwhelmed. 


Monthly Relationship Skills Training 
Each month, you’ll receive an in-depth training on that month’s focused relational skill -- including how to start practicing it, what happens when you don’t use it, and ways to move past possible roadblocks that keep you from using it. Learning these skills is a game-changer for the intimacy, connection, and acknowledgment you crave.  


Monthly Worksheet
Because I know there are many different types of learners, each month, you’ll receive a simple and supportive worksheet intentionally crafted to deepen your understanding of the focused skill and, more importantly, how to use it in your relationships. 


A Supportive Community

Our private members-only virtual group is a cozy space to connect with like-minded people, find support, and feel connected to others on a similar journey. 


All-Access Pass to On-Demand Relationship & Sex-ed

From the moment you join, you’ll receive on-demand access to the entire library of past membership videos, podcast episodes, worksheets, and more for as long as you are a member. 

BONUS: 24/7 Access to Me Through The Discussion Boards
As a member, you can post on the discussion boards any time you need help, and receive support from other members and from me as well! I go onto the boards at least once a day!



Choose the subscription option that’s best for you!


Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

Each month, there will be a focused topic, and you’ll receive a bundle that includes: a podcast-style audio training going over a specific relational skill; a worksheet; a mantra; details to join that month’s live coaching call and apply to be coached on it. To stay focused on what you need most, you’ll be asked for feedback and your desires for content regularly. You’ll get so much education and support for an affordable price!

What topics will you cover?

Topics are personalized and chosen based on member requests and feedback. Monthly topics include:

  • Learning to love and accept your body as it is
  • Setting boundaries
  • Asking for what you want or need
  • Getting more pleasure from sex
  • Communicating better in conflicts

What if the content isn’t relevant to me?

You can never MASTER a relational skill or be done working on it. There will always be room for new awarenesses about ourselves and new tools to add to our toolboxes. Even if it’s not obviously relevant at the exact moment, it will become relevant in the future, and then you can look back at the recorded trainings. You will also be able to request content and apply to be coached on the monthly live Q&A call.

What if I don’t have time to keep up?

The Q&A calls are HIGHLY valuable regardless of whether you’ve done that month’s “homework.” There’s no need to push yourself to keep up. Also, everything will be available to review for as long as you are a member. Access what you need, whenever you need it.

What if I can’t make the monthly Q&A call?

If you can’t make it, simply watch the recording that will be made available to all members. Major shifts happen both live on the calls and while watching the recording.

Will I have a chance to be coached by Caitlin?

At our monthly Q & A session, you can directly ask me your most pressing sex and relationship questions and get personalized support with your unique situation. You can also apply to be coached (or to have me coach both you and your partner together), and I will choose one person/couple each month.

What if I’m feeling shy to share in front of the group?

If you’re feeling shy or private, it’s not required to be coached. We learn so much from watching others do their work - that’s the power of groups! - so even if you’re not the one being coached, there’s still major potential for transformation. I’ll send out polls for your preferred coaching topics.

Is this a substitute for therapy?

While Caitlin’s Couch is not a substitute for therapy, it’s a powerful tool to grow, heal, and make changes in your life in a way that is safe, supportive, and guided by an expert.