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Couples Coaching

Are you struggling in your relationship? Do you feel disconnected and unsure of what to do about it? Are you tired of ending up in painful fights, and never resolving your issues? Do you want more intimacy and a more enjoyable sex life? If you’re ready to take ownership of your lives, learn how to do things differently, and improve your relationship, couples coaching is for you.

Couples often spend a long time avoiding difficult issues and trying to work around them. Eventually we all have to face our problems, and I provide couples with a safe and supportive environment to deal with things and move forward. Whether you are dealing with long standing issues or recent struggles, I can help. 

None of us were taught how to have healthy relationships, so it makes sense that many couples hit a wall and don’t know how to move forward. For over a decade I’ve been helping couples learn the relational skills they’ve always needed, but were never taught. When you learn how to be relational, you learn how to create a healthy, loving relationship that feels safe, secure and supportive.

In couples coaching, couples learn to communicate in a way that leads to deeper connection, rather than more distance. Couples learn how to have hard conversations that end up in resolution, rather than in explosive fights that cause more damage. Couples learn how to communicate their feelings and ask for what they need, rather than hinting and hoping the other figures it out. Couples are able to deal with difficult issues pertaining to sex and pleasure in a safe and supportive environment. And overall, I help couples manage their differences so they can move on in a healthy, connected way.

If you’re ready to take ownership of your parts, learn to do things more effectively and create a strong & healthy relationship, schedule a discovery call so we can begin our work together.

*Coaching is NOT therapy. Coaching is appropriate for those who are ready to focus on learning new skills and taking action that yields better results. If this sounds like you, schedule a discovery call so we can begin our work together.

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