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Individual Therapy

I provide a caring and supportive environment in which clients are able to explore painful experiences and heal from old wounds. Through the therapeutic process, people elevate their self-esteem, change self-defeating thought patterns and behaviors, and become their best selves.

In therapy, clients are empowered to take ownership for their lives. They discover that they have choices, when previously they felt helpless and stuck. They learn how to take responsibility for their part in their lives, and how to participate in their lives differently, thereby creating new, rewarding experiences.

Individual therapy is a chance for people to gain a better understanding of themselves in relationships, and to learn how they want to be cared for. People strengthen skills that enable them to receive support and love. Clients use the therapeutic relationship to strengthen their relational skills, so that they begin engaging in relationships that are nurturing and fulfilling, instead of painful and without reciprocity.

Therapy is hard work. The journey is not easy, but it is well worth doing. To get started on our work together, call me or email me. I look forward to speaking with you!

If you are looking for help moving forward with your life, give me a call or email me so we can begin our work together. I look forward to speaking with you!

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