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dating coaching

Dating Coaching

Dating Coaching

If you’re tired of being single and tired of dealing with all the disappointments and rejections that come with dating, I get it and I can help.

I’ve been helping frustrated singles navigate the online dating world and develop healthy relationships for over a decade. In addition, I spent many years doing online dating before I met the man who is now my husband. My expertise combined with my personal and professional experiences makes me uniquely qualified to help you find the partner and relationship you long for.

Let’s be real...the dating world can feel like a total shit show, and it can do a number on your self-esteem. The problem is that no one was taught how to navigate the online dating world or how to have healthy relationships. As a result, we’re all left to figure it out, and it’s easy (and all too common) to get very lost along the way in the fast-paced swiping world that is online dating.


But, it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, dating can actually be empowering when you learn how to do it. And, developing a healthy, loving relationship can be the most incredible experience of your life, when you’re taught the relational skills you need. It’s amazing that we’re thrown into the world of dating and relationships with zero guidance, and expected to know what we’re doing. It’s a recipe for disaster, and the high rate of relationships that end is evidence of how much we need to be taught how to have healthy long-term relationships.

That's where I come in!

I’ve made it my mission to help singles just like you learn how to take control of your dating life and stop wasting time with the wrong people, so you can find the right one faster.  With my help, your dating journey will be empowering, and you'll find someone who is ready for the same things you’re ready for so you can say goodbye to online dating (or any dating) for good. 

Dating doesn't have to be so hard

Relationships can feel easy with the right guidance, and that's how they should feel! Finding the right partner should be fun and happen much quicker than you think, with far fewer disappointments. 

If you're ready to:


  • Meet a partner who is emotionally available and ready to be in a relationship with you

  • Stop wasting your time on the wrong people so you can find the right one faster

  • Learn how to love yourself and start owning your worth

  • Learn how to communicate, set boundaries, and feel confident while dating and in a relationship


Then schedule a discovery call today so we can begin our work together. 

*Coaching is NOT therapy. Coaching is appropriate for those who are ready to focus on learning new skills and taking action that yields better results. If this sounds like you, schedule a discovery call today so we can see if coaching is the right fit for you.

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