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I believe that everyone is capable of healing from old wounds and changing. I provide a safe space for people to talk about difficult experiences without fear of judgment.

I work together with my clients to change self-defeating thoughts and behavioral patterns. Clients are able to work through unresolved issues that are preventing them from creating the lives they want. They learn new skills and find resources within themselves to handle difficult emotions and experiences. Over time, they move away from the feeling of being stuck, which they so often arrive with, and into a life with movement, joy and connection.

I provide an opportunity for clients to learn how to have relationships that are healthy, nourishing, and reciprocal. Because people’s relational patterns apply to all of their relationships in varying degrees, these patterns show up in the relationship between client and therapist. This gives us a chance to explore your relational patterns, identify projections, heal old wounds that remain open and in the present, and change self-defeating thoughts and patterns. Through our work together, you will learn how you want to be cared for, and how to allow yourself to receive the care you long for.

Through therapy, people learn that they have choices, where previously they felt disempowered by their experiences, overwhelmed by their emotions, and paralyzed by fear. People feel empowered to take ownership for their feelings and lives. In time, people heal and make lasting changes.

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If you are looking for help moving forward with your life, give me a call or email me so we can begin our work together. I look forward to speaking with you!

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