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Are you Ready for a Serious Relationship?

Most people want a relationship, but are you sure you're really ready for one?

Take this FREE quiz to find out! 

Notice which answer you’re first drawn to. Don’t overthink it! Trust your instincts. Take note of which answer your choose. At the end of the quiz, the letter that you have majority of will tell you if you are ready for a serious relationship at this time!

1 / Do you know what you want in a partner?

A / Yes, I want someone that makes me feel secure, happy, and loved.

B / I want someone who is attractive, who I know my friends and family will be impressed by, and who is financially secure.
C / I want someone so I don't feel so alone.

2 / Do you like yourself?

A / Yes, most days. And I work hard to continue healing and elevating my sense of self-love.

B / I try and I've made some progress, but it's still hard to believe I'm truly lovable as I am.
C / Not really. I know I need to do the work to start loving myself.

3 / Why do you want a relationship?

A / For companionship and to have a partner in life.

B / To have someone to love and to love me back.
C / To have someone to make me feel good.

4 / You're attracted to:

A / The hottie at the bar who hits on you (out of all the other options!!) while you're out with friends. They’re so confident and sexy!

B / The person who has been trying to get to know you better from work. They’re cute, nice, and definitely into you!
C / Someone you've gotten to know who treats you the way you deserve to be treated, makes you laugh, and cares about your pleasure!

5 / You want Mexican food for dinner but your partner wants American. What do you do?

A / Have Mexican tonight and American next time.

B / Try to get them to want Mexican. After all, it's way more delicious!
C / Wonder if you're too different to be together and if you should break it off.

6 / Your partner pulls away from you now and then. Do you...

A / Text them over and over until they respond. You ask them questions, text a joke…you try not to seem too needy.

B / Let them know how you feel when they pull away, and that you need them to stop for the relationship to continue.
C / Cope with the anxiety and hurt feelings and wait for them to come back. They always do eventually.

7 / You've just gotten home from a great first date. . .

A / You call your mom to tell her all about this new person you're so excited about and talk about whether to invite them to your sister's wedding in a couple of months.

B / You're so excited and you really think this could be the person you want to be with. You're looking forward to the next date!
C / You get in bed, excited to watch Netflix. You're open to seeing the person again and getting to know them better.

8 / What kind of spouse do you want to be?

A / I haven't really thought about it.

B / The kind that will do anything for their spouse and is married to someone who would do the same.
C / The best one I can be.

9 / Your partner has been stressed out from work recently, and you're feeling distant. You want more attention and affection from them. What do you do?

A / You tell your partner what you need and ask for more quality time together.

B / You tell your partner they seem stressed out a lot of the time and show them the meditation app you signed them up for. You're sure if they can find ways to manage their stress they'll be more present with you.
C / You hope they'll be less stressed out soon so you can feel more connected. You don't want to say anything about it and add to their stress.

10 / What's the thing your looking forward to the most about a relationship?

A / Someone to be there for me and help me with things.

B / Being able to share things in my life with someone.
C / Showing off my awesome partner.

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