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Caitlin's Couch is a comfy corner of the internet where you will find all the support you need to heal and create a healthy relationship with yourself and others.
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Life is hard, and sometimes we feel stuck and unsure of how to move forward. Whether you are an individual or a couple going through a difficult time, trying to adjust to recent changes, or dealing with long-standing issues, I can help. Click the button below to schedule your free consultation today!

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I'm Caitlin Cantor, Individual, Couples & Sex Therapist, Dating & Relationship Coach, Psychology Today Blogger & Speaker. I’m an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist (1 of less than 1000 in the world!), and a Certified Gestalt Therapist, too. I've been in private practice for over a decade, working with individuals and couples. I believe in the power of therapy, and specifically, the power of relational work to significantly improve the quality of people's lives. If you're ready to heal and create the life you long for, request a consultation today!

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