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Dear Caitlin No 9: Am I Being Too Picky?

Dear Caitlin,

I rarely see anyone I’m interested in talking to on dating apps. Are all the good men taken? Am I too picky?



Dear Picky,

Yes, you are being too picky. That being said, you probably have good reason to be so picky. Perhaps you've been hurt in the past & being picky is protecting you from putting yourself out there and taking the risk of getting hurt again. If your pickiness is self-protective, which I imagine it is, it is protecting you too much. In other words, it's no longer protective, it's prohibitive. You have to take some risks to meet the right person. Being that there are millions of people on dating apps with new people joining every day, you're definitely being too picky if you can't find anyone you're interested in getting to know. Try to let go of some of the criteria you're using to evaluate whether someone is interesting enough to talk to. That will let down some of the walls keeping you stuck. Xo,



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