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Why I Created Caitlin's Couch

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

If I could show you one picture that perfectly depicts why I created the membership program, Caitlin's Couch, it would be a snapshot of you, your children, me, my children, and their children being healthy and happy in their relationships. If you saw that picture, you’d instantly understand why I do what I do!

When you learn how to have healthy relationships, you stop passing down unhealthy relational patterns to future generations. You make it possible for your children to have an easier time than you did.

You can teach your children how to have healthy relationships if you choose to do the work to learn, first. That’s why I created Caitlin’s Couch. It’s an opportunity to learn the relational skills and sex ed you never got but definitely needed. I made sure to offer it at a low cost, unlike the cost of therapy. I made sure it would be time-sensitive, meaning that it would be effective without consuming all of your time. And I made sure it would be useful, which is why the information is provided in various forms for all kinds of learners. It’s now possible to learn relational skills and change the course of your future and family line without investing a fortune in money and time. Of course, this membership isn’t therapy and doesn’t replace therapy. But sometimes having this additional support expedites the therapy process! And not everyone can afford therapy, so this is an option that will provide healing, growth and change with or without therapy.

I love helping my clients and members of Caitlin's Couch learn relationship skills and create the joy they long for now. Seeing them grow and heal is an enormous privilege and I am so proud of them and grateful to be on this journey with them.

And, their growth is bigger than just them. As they change, they become healthier people in our society. They impact everyone around them for the better.

If they have children (now or ever), they impact the future. They can end the line of family dysfunction. They can teach their children how to have healthy relationships, and contribute healthier people to our society. That's big.

What’s a snapshot that would explain why you work on yourself & your relationship?

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